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Born into a musically talented family, Luke inherited an eclectic foundation of jazz, R&B, rock, gospel, black gospel and Latin from his father, which began at age 8.  He’s since molded his own fresh techniques, and produced his own unique sought after sound.
Over the years, Luke has cultivated his art starting with the trumpet, moving on to drums, bass guitar and vocals throughout his youth years.
With the ability to learn quickly he was easily able to pick up on songs by ear, and with the proper tutelage, he began creating and adding his own flavor and style. Luke, at 15 held the reigns as his church youth music director.
Today’s Luke passion lies in playing the bass, performing, song writing and perfecting his vocal ability with the full production show “The Winehouse Experience” featuring Mia Karter, a tribute show for a vocal legend, not to be missed!
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