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Guitarist Mark Drummond takes a funky, soulful approach to every song he plays. After honing his 
​skills in bands touring the Midwestern and Southern US, he relocated to Southern California and ​worked as a sideman with a a variety of funk, R&B, gospel, rock n’ roll and smooth jazz acts. His versatility is a great asset with Mia Karter and The Hits, who cover an amazingly wide variety of styles in their repertoire.
Mark began teaching himself guitar as a teenager, and ​was soon gigging and traveling with bands before finishing high school, later playing bars 5 nights a week to help pay for his college tuition. Along the way he was exposed to a universe of guitarists he never heard of back in his Mississippi Delta hometown, inspiring him to develop ​a unique style, with elements of R&B, hip-hop, funk, rock and jazz fused into a unified, funky whole.

Mark has released ​several ​CDs of original music, produced and provided guitar tracks for international and domestic artists, a​nd compos​ed music for indie films, TV pilots and commercials.
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